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Dessert & Dried

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DDG CHILLI OIL 300ml - Most popular *

DDG CHILLI OIL 300ml - Most popular *

Prepack | In stock

Infused with tons of flavour. Hint of sichuan peppers, five spices. 

Goes really well with rice or noddle to lift up the dishes. 

Or follow your imagination and put on top of pulled pork taco or meat lover pizza. 

Special Chiffon cake

Special Chiffon cake

In stock

Two options to choose for. Exotics Durian cream flavour or Vanilla cream with seasonal fresh fruits.

*please put the notes the pick up date and pick up time (24 hours prior)

we are open Monday - Saturday (7am-3pm)

Chiffon cake

Chiffon cake

dessert | In stock

House made fluffy chiffon cake sliced with yummy different flavors and filled with fresh whipped cream. Can keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

*please put the notes of the day you will pick up and pick...

Gourmet gift Basket

Gourmet gift Basket

Prepack | In stock
Chocolate caramel - Coconut caramel - Cookie - Balinese fashion face mask - Homemade DDG Chillies oil - Homemade Filipino pickle - Card